Raves & Reviews

“Little Ditties has been such a fun experience for my son.  He loves to go with Ms. Jenny every week at his preschool and often asks, ‘Is it music day’?  I have had so much fun hearing him demonstrate his knowledge of musical words like pianissimo and accelerando.  Ms. Jenny is giving him the foundation for future interest in musical instruments and theory.” – Kassie Nordlinder, Lakeview Montessori, 9/26/17

“Miss Jenny and the Little Ditties music program is phenomenal!  Miss Jenny has the ability to keep a multi-aged group of students engaged, focused, and participating through instrumentation, singing, and movement.  She uses positive communication, models the activities, and provides handouts for each week’s class of the songs on one side and a coloring activity on the other.  We have had her provide our pull-out music class in our school for over five years.  We look forward to continued partnership with her.”
– Karina Sogge, Cougar Mountain Montessori, 11/26/14

“If you are looking for a fun, entertaining and engaging activity to do with your child Little Ditties is the place to go… Both my girls loved going to this music class and were captivated by Ms. Jenny’s teaching charm.  She was always positive, organized and had a perfect balance of new stuff and repetitive stuff the kids loved.  My girls previously attended other big name music classes but by far, Little Ditties was the best.  Overall, I highly recommend Little Ditties and I’m sure you and your child will love it too!” – Linda, 11/12/14

“My son, Joshua, loved Ms. Jenny in the Little Ditties music class! From the seasonal songs and dances, bubbles, the parachute and being able to play a few instruments – he was in heaven! Ms. Jenny’s class was well-managed and a whole lot of fun!” – Rebecca, 11/06/14

“Thanks, Jenny!  It was such a pleasure to have you with us!  I learned so much.  A mom came by today and wanted to talk with me.  She said your class was the best thing her daughter has attended.  She loved that you did so many rhymes to familiar tunes she could sing with her daughter. ” – Margaret, M.I. Children’s Librarian, 12/12/12

“We’re signed up for the Little Ditties Story Time series at the Lake Hills Library with Ms. Jenny and highly recommend it. Each series of classes is based on a theme (food, winter, animals, etc…) and we sing songs, dance, read books, and play instruments. It’s actually a lot more fun than other paid music classes that we tried. The ages in class are between 1.5 and 6; my kids are 1.5 and 3.5 and both love it.  She also teaches the same class at the Bellevue Regional Library and you don’t have to register for a series, or even sign up in advance. But you have to get there early because it fills up fast.” – www.seatots.com, 1/28/10



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