Music Classes

A Little Ditties class is the perfect way to enrich your child’s learning experience. Little Ditties classes are well-suited for kiddos ages 2-6.

Little Ditties classes are typically held once a week for several weeks (session lengths vary). Each class is 30 minutes (varies; check with your location) of fun: playing with rhythm and rhyme, melody and movement.  Students will get to sing, dance, listen to a story, play a variety of rhythm instruments, play with a parachute and frolic in bubbles all based around a fun theme.

Three Little Ditties format options:

1. Individual Enrichment Classes – This class works great as an additional enrichment program to offer at your Montessori school, extended care program or preschool.  It’s a win-win…win: Little Ditties comes at no cost to the school; Little Ditties provides a bit of a break to the teachers; lastly, parents have the opportunity to enroll their child in this fun and educational class!

Typically, children are pulled out of class during regular preschool hours or Little Ditties can be offered between morning and afternoon preschool classes or during extended care time.

Classes are typically held once a week for 30 minutes – but we’re open to discussing alternative schedules.  (Cost varies per session length. Visit the FAQ’s page or email for detailed pricing policy).

2. Group Classes – Bring Little Ditties to your Montessori or Preschool for small group classes (up to 20 students per class).  Have Little Ditties for a one time special experience or multiple class sessions.  (Discount offered for each additional class scheduled. Contact to discuss details).

3. Parent and Child Classes – Little Ditties is enjoyable for the whole family.  Why should kids get all the fun?!  Schedule a Little Ditties Parent and Child Class (up to 20 kids and adult helper) for your library story time, your Mommy and Me/Peps group, community center or church group. (Discount offered for each additional class scheduled. Contact to discuss details).



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