How do I book a Little Ditties music class or party?

Contact Ms. Jenny (jenny@littleditties.us) with all inquiries and for scheduling.  Once your class or party time has been confirmed you must complete payment on-line to officially book your Little Ditties musical fun.


My child is enrolled in an individual enrichment class at his/her Preschool, do you prorate classes if he/she is going to be absent?

We understand that family vacations, doctor appointments, illness and other events come up.  We’ve built in a discount for scheduling multiple classes at a time.  (For every SIX classes in a session, a free class is provided). In determining session length, Ms. Jenny works within the confines of your individual school’s schedule as well as what makes the most sense with her lesson plans. Thank you for understanding.

What happens if a class is cancelled due to a snow day or cancellation of school?

Whenever possible, we will provide an additional make-up class due to school closure/class cancellation. Please keep in mind that preschool programs rarely prorate tuition if a day is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances – i.e. bad weather, power outage, etc. Ms. Jenny has also planned and scheduled her time and is not always able to provide an extra class. As a courtesy to returning families, we will offer a discount for the following session if scheduling a make-up class is not a possibility.

If Ms. Jenny has to cancel class for some reason, a full class will be refunded (or offered as a discount) for the following session.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes! When you register your children at the same time, an automatic discount will be applied.  (Add each child to ‘the cart’).

What happens if my birthday kiddo gets sick, we need to cancel due to a family emergency or there is another unforeseen emergency (i.e. power outage, snow storm, inclement weather)?

Emergencies come up; we understand.  We will do our best to reschedule your party.

What happens if Ms. Jenny gets ill or has to cancel a party or princess appearance due to a personal or family emergency?

Ms. Jenny will do everything in her power to make the party, however, if necessary, she’ll reschedule your party and provide you with a 20% refund.

We changed our mind on party plans – what is the party or princess appearance cancellation policy?

If you have registered and completed payment, you will be refunded half of your total.



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